Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (11.28.09)

This week I’ve decided to help you take the fun into your own home with some DIY prankage/fun stuff. With the Christmas Season approaching and the prospect of spending hours with torturous relatives ahead of you, you might want to consider some comic relief during the season of goodwill…

Having seen this online, I tried to get the coke/mentos bomb going for a while, actually I just really wanted a fountain, but I could never get the Mentos in before the eruption. This guy has got it down, you should definitely try this one at home, it’s a lot of fun in real life…

I’m not sure how appropriate it is to film this one, but the “Oh God!” exclamation is too good to be true.

This clip is from a British TV show called Balls Of Steel and has some of the funniest situation comedy I have ever seen in my life. You can have hours of amusement if you follow some of the related videos from this clip:

Another one from Balls Of Steel? Well, I just couldn’t run the risk of you not getting to see this one. Neg is another character from B.O.S. who has invented a plethora of urban sports including the Burger Bowl Off and Big Stranger Rodeo, but for me, it’s the Urban Sprinting that takes the cake.