Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (1.13.11)

I watched a clip of Cale Nuske front nose sliding a titanic size ledge a couple of days ago and realized it’s been forever since I watched his Bon Appetite part. A few years ago Cliché put out a remix of everyone on the team’s video parts edited by different filmers, this is Cale’s edited by the legendary Steve Chalme:

When I watched this clip, it really made me think of Eric Fletcher: a talented little man with a bigger bag of tricks than Santa Claus himself…

Who’s Eric Fetcher? One of the baddest skaters on the planet, that’s who:

I thought there was no way of topping the Fail Compilation November 2010 until this Blair Alley straight hammer time sprung up in my inbox:

Sean Malto told me that he played Cory Kennedy at SKATE recently and his ankle felt like he had rolled it for a week afterwards. Suffice to say that Cory Kennedy took his genetically modified ankle ligaments and put himself in a league of Rodney, Daewon, and MJs with this part. Any am skater out there hoping to get on Girl, this is what you’re up against. Good luck and may the force be with you…