Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (12.24.09)

This week I’m going to try and brighten up your day with some funny videos, most of Europe is under the worst weather in years and the rest of the world is barreling up on holiday food so I don’t want you to get too hyped to go out and skate because there is a lot of disappointment in wait for you all out there. The first video this week comes from Frenchman Remi Gaillard who has actually already been featured in this column some weeks back with his epic urban football skills. He is an amazing funny man also and has a series of imposter videos amongst other things where he enters sporting events as a participator. You can check out more at nimportequi.com, the clip I have chosen is from the French Soccer finals where he runs onto the pitch in a fairly legit supporters kit and joins in the celebrations without anyone on the team or press noticing, he is even featured on national TV holding aloft the trophy. Thanks to Lucas Puig for introducing me to this maniac!

One of the oldest jokes in the book is fart lighting, I’ve always been too scared to try it, the following video just goes to show that my worst fears really can come true! Oh and by the way, if you’re on fire the best thing to do is roll, starving fire of oxygen works a lot better than watering it, especially where flammable liquids are involved because water will mainly spread the flammable liquid.

I found the next clip searching for some more pranks, it’s not exactly a prank but well worthy of a post nonetheless!

At 4 million views I’m probably going to get someone post the old “I’ve seen this video ages ago,” and whilst I could post “For those who haven’t seen this, it’s worth disappointing those who have,” but you just can’t please some people. Oh the joys of the Internet! Anyway, for those who haven’t seen it, and those who can watch it again, please enjoy the insensitivity of the lady sat next to the boy, it’s a bit out of order to laugh, but it’s hard not to…

It’s my birthday today and Christmas in two, so in the spirit of giving, I’m going to leave you with what I think is the best compilation out there at the moment. It’s a bit grimy at times, not for the faint hearted, so don’t watch if you are a bit soft…