Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: The World Of Nordberg

Another week, another set of YouTubes. Or is it? Those of you who regularly check my YouTube column will know Ben Nordberg as one of the most pinnacle skaters out of the United Kingdom, but he’s more than just p-code on the board, he’s got a heavy bag of YouTubage up his sleeve too. This week we enter the world of Nordberg and witness his top five YouTubes. First up, a bright orange message for the haters out there:

If this does not raise fear and disgust in you, you better check yourself before a woman wrecks yourself…

It’s not just hillbilly little tramps who are obsessed with getting down to “it,” even the animal kingdom is getting it’s groove on!

Kids tend to focus the entirety of their torture power on their parents, little wonder why when the tables are turned, delight abounds…

Ben closes out an epic five in the most legendary fashion. Thanks Ben!