Olympus X Games Insider Gallery Day Three

The venue for the vert comp was inside a theater that seemed like it could be the setting for the final competition of some skateboard film made in the 80s.


See? Pretty sick.


A little pre-gamin with Colin McKay, Bob Burnquist, Colin’s lady and Jake Brown.


Le Tomato was there. This was some astronomical amount of spinning. I can’t even remember how much right now. Maybe a 720.


Being on the same team as Geoff Rowley seems to have influenced Bob Burnquist to take on the two different colored shoe trend. Work it!


The Tomato came down and sat next to me while the competition was going on. They were filming his every move. Only moments later, my friends were texting me I was on their TV next to the Tomato. My 15 minutes, I guess.


In the end, PLG took the vert. Bucky Lasek congratulates Pierre Luc Gagnon on a win.


They had Pierre Luc’s wife (in the middle with blonde hair) all mic’d up and filmed throughout the competition. It was as if they knew he was going to win.


The whole “So how’s it feel to win?” celebratory interview.


It’s not easy shooting vert from bleachers down below, so this looks kind of awkward. But, this frontside cab kickflip got Colin McKay second in best trick.

Lasek with the frontside heelflip Gay twist. Telling you, he needs to figure out some trick that we can call the Lasek flip (like Lasik) based on a variation of a Laser flip.


But, PLG went for the sweep with a nollie bigger spin heelflip Indy grab, a trick that’s such a mouthful that I think it should just be called the “Oui” flip.


This banana was sitting next to us the entire time. We were joking about a cartoon situation, where someone would slip on the thing. Then PLG came round looking through the stands. Turns out it was his. Winning banana.

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