Olympus X Games Insider Gallery Day Two

On the record, Ryan Sheckler finished first in men’s street elimination. Along with nine others (in this order: Chaz Ortiz, Rodolfo Ramos, David Gravette, Ryan Decenzo, Mark Appleyard, Nyjah Huston, Sierra Fellers, Eli Reed and Bastien Salabanzi), Shecks will be moving on to the men’s street finals on Saturday. In addition, the Big Air competition went down with Jake Brown coming in first, Bob Burnquist in second and Rob Lorifice in third. Off the record, the skaters were having a lot of fun, it seemed from somewhat far away in my media area. And, Keegan Sauder and I finally got our wristbands into the VIP tent after an Odyssey to find them. Numbers are great and all, but here’s a little Inside look at X Games Day Two with our Olympus Stylus Tough camera—Josh Brooks


Chaz Ortiz was all up in there. Backside ollie. That thing remind you of a Micky Mouse ear?


Eli Reed, always on the cutting edge of new retro stylings, back disasters the broken tea cup. I want to buy a Ford.


The rollaway.

Back D party! Chaz follows up. Ford.

Eli frontside boardslide. Seriously, I can’t put my finger on what era that gear’s from, but I keep thinking it’s somewhere from the 1950s or the early 90210 time period. Am I vain for wondering?


Stefan Janoski with a noseslide. I’m predicting red Janoskis will be “hot” after yesterday.


Eli, Le front rock n roll.


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno stopped to ask Sierra Fellers some questions. Better hope he doesn’t get Conan’d.

Rising: Garrett Hill and Blackbox “Everyman” Drew.


Venice Olson was there. Back 50-50.

Garrett Hill 5-0.


Nyjah kickity flip crooks the BOA-OAR-oard! That was supposed to sound like a reggae chant.


Dr. Raybourn was there.


The line-up from left to right: Felix Arguelles, Alex Olson, Stefan Janoski, Justin Brock, Sierra Fellers and Omar Salazar.


Eli Reed, frontside nosegrind. “They’re changing the zip code to 90218? NOOOOOOO!”


That’s some Real Stre-… wait, this is some Real Street. Garrett Hill smithers.

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