Our Favorite 2011 Covers & The Stories Behind Them

Dave Chami

My favorite cover I shot this year is Nestor’s crooked grind transfer in Osaka, Japan. Skin had given us the nod to try to shoot something for a cover as Nestor had been staying at my house filming for his TransWorld part and shooting for a 20 Questions interview. We had been struggling to get something in S.F., particularly since Nestor had tried this ollie (below) in the avenues on several occasions only to find out that Vincent Alvarez had already done it (hats off Vince). I think he’d all but given up on trying to get the cover, but when he started trying this crooked grind transfer on a Krux trip to Japan, I made sure to turn my camera vertically. Midway through sessioning this spot, the Japanese guys we were with started getting texts and emails saying there had been a bit of an earthquake on the other side of the country, it only became clear to us in the following days just how heavy it was. This is my favorite cover because Nestor is a good mate and it’s kinda rare to see a cover these days where the dude isn’t risking his life, personally I still think it’s not what you do but how you do it…

Here’s a panoramic photo I shot of Nestor’s trick that’s probably better than the cover photo: