Perpetual Motion Long Beach Premiere

Noise was made at the Art Theatre in Long Beach last night after skaters piled in to check out of the twenty-fifth TransWorld video Perpetual Motion. The crowd ranged from cast and crew like Julian Davidson, Tom Remillard, and Chris Thiessen to young locals who wanted to see the damage done at surrounding spots, as well as LBC VIPs of past and present like Tuan Nguyen, Chad Tim Tim, and Leo Romero. The audience gave much love throughout all the sections of the flick with extra commotion made for Silas’ 50 to 50 and for fellow Long Beachian Julian Davidson. In true premiere form, the audience congregated outside of the theater for high fives and various video recaps. Lucky hands took home a copy of the DVD while those who were thirsty headed to the Red Room for the afterparty. Big thanks to Element, Converse, and RVCA for making this premiere possible. Those who couldn’t make it to LBC for the show have a chance to check the video at their regional premiere. Hit your local shop up for details.

Photos by Shigeo, Oliver Barton, and David Jurusik