Pioneer: Bob Burquist, Full Interview—Antihero to the Mega

Throwback éS rail crooks ad from ’00.

Bonus Text:

John Cardiel on Bob:
From watching Bob skate as a little kid in Brazil, I witnessed a focus that could dismantle any obstacle in his way. Whether it be a mini ramp, ledge, bowl, vert or a full pipe for that matter—Bob’s focus is gnarly and his vision could never be deterred.

Rodrigo TX on Bob:
What did Bob’s influence mean for skaters in Brazil trying to make it in the US? He showed us that it was possible for us Brazilians, but also that you had to go hard if you wanted to make it.

What did it mean for you?
It meant there was a chance, and he happened to help me get a chance. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Bob.

What tricks do you think Bob pioneered?
That’s a hard one, but if i had to choose off the top of my head, some of the first things that come to mind is getting really tech on vert. Like the fakie five-O fakie flip out on the round bar over the channel. Skating switch on the Mega and doing tricks with no grabs, also the loop for sure. He did it regular, then switch, then switch with the gap and did the real metal full pipe!

Felipe Gustavo on Bob:
He was the first dude that came from here. He opened the doors you know. Him and Rodrigo TX, when I was growing up—they opened it up. When I was little I saw that if those dudes can do it, I can try too. Bob showed that it’s not impossible. To go to the US and do all this stuff. When I was growing up, I saw Bob all over the place, even more than Rodrigo. Bob was the dude that helped Rodrigo too. If he can do it, maybe you can try. Knowing that opened the doors.