Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

What made you move to SF?
I remember Erik (Ellington) got married, so he moved out of the house. (Jeff) Lenoce was still living with us. (Mike) Maldonado was going to move back to Philadelphia. I just figured I’d move up here. Milligan lived in SF and my friend June Bug lived up here. Frank (Gerwer) was up here. Every time I came up Frank and I were the best of friends. And Brian (Anderson). Brian lived up here too.

What made you decide to get sober in there?
I was just done. That was it. It was no one thing or anything. I didn’t murder anybody. I just woke up one day super miserable with a black eye from falling down drunk and decided, “Maybe I should try something different.”

Are you still looking for a board sponsor?
No. I gave up (Laughs.) I hit up all the people I would have wanted to ride for and then just decided that was it. I don’t want get on something I don’t like to just stay in the game. So it seemed like that was it.

That’s crazy.
I know right? (Laughs.) That’s what everybody says. They’re like, “Oh, you could ride for anybody you want.” I’m like, “Uh. No. I can’t.” I don’t know. I’m not even really trying any more.

Elissa shares a part with Jamie Thomas and Donovan Piscopo in Zero Strange World (’09).