Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

Do you think skateboarding is still a boys’ club?
No. Not really. I see a lot of girls skating now.

What girls are you into coming up?
Marisa (Dal Santo) is one of my favorites. I mean not even just a girl skater—but one of my favorites period. If anybody comes up I hope it’s her. There are lots of girls out there that I’m into. But I think Marisa really embodies the whole skate rat thing really well.

What is your life plan? Do you have one?
Not really (Laughs.) I’m just trying to feel it out right now. Obviously I don’t want to get a job or anything (Laughs.) But I have some ideas of things I’d like to do.

Will women ever take over? Do you think there will ever be like girly girls that skate? Like glamour models carrying purses that can do switch tre flips?
(Laughs.) Like Sex and The City on skateboards? Yeah. I saw a YouTube video the other day of this Brazilian girl skating. She had her tank top and skinny jeans. But the whole thing had some sex appeal. She was cool. But if you’re not back noseblunting, who gives a f—k about sex appeal (Laughs.)
Elissa’s portrait from her Last Words in our April ’08 issue. Photo: Shigeo.