Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

Did anyone say ever anything early on? Like, “You’re a girl skater” or anything?
No. Not really. I had always just done boyish things. I’m not saying skateboarding’s boyish but… I had always ridden BMX bikes, played kickball. I was into being active. Nobody ever said anything. But as soon as I got a board of my own people started saying things like, “Oh. You must be the greatest girl skateboarder in the world!” I was like, “What? I’ve never even left Fort Myers”.

What about by Propaganda (’90). Did you see Lori Rigsby in that?
I remember seeing the girls in Public Domain more. I remember seeing that and thinking like, “Wait, I can do all of that.” I gotta get a video camera. In the same video they had that part that was somebody’s home video and the dudes were absolutely ripping on their home video. Then they showed the girls and she did I think like a back D on a miniramp.

Could you already kickflip by then?
Probably. I was on par with the guys I skated with. I was as good as they were. I’m pretty sure I could kickflip by ’88. Everybody I skated with after that. They would introduce to their moms or something and say like, “This is Elissa Steamer. She’s the best girl skater in the world.” (Laughs.)

Where you pretty much hooked by the time it died in the ‘90s? When it wasn’t the popular thing to do anymore?
Yeah. By then I was totally all in.

Elissa’s Check Out from TWS in ’97. Don’t let the caption fool you. Nollie 180 switch crooks.