Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

When did you finally see other girl skaters?
I think around ’90. Around that time they would have like the Florida Amateur Skate League, FLASL—they would have one in my town and I met this girl there that was in them. She lived up in Tampa and so we became friends. I went and stayed with her one time and we went to a FLASL contest in Daytona. We went skating downtown with her friends and Garry Crowley. He was pretty badass. I think I was more of a skate rat then she was. She was a little older.

Who were you looking at in the videos?
I was looking up to Ray Barbee, Guy Mariano, and Frankie Hill. Those were my favorites back then. It was basically Powell Peralta. That was all I knew.

Did anybody give you a hard time?
No. Never. Nobody ever gave me a hard time. I don’t know if I’ve repressed the memory or something, but I honestly can’t remember anybody giving me flack.

How did you end up getting sponsored?
Basically just by skating in Tampa. Skating and hanging out in Tampa, that’s basically it. All the teams would come through for summer tours and stuff.

Welcome to Hell box art. Elissa’s part made immediate waves.