Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

To me that was the difference when I saw that part. You did a switch heel and it just looked good. So to me that changed everything right there.

Did things change for Jump Off a Building (’98)?
The team had changed a lot.

Were you living that Janis Joplin song by then?
Oh yeah. I was mental by then. I remember Ed called me at one point and told me I had a week left to film. I seriously hadn’t done anything yet. I remember kind of stressing at that point. Just getting angry and fidgety while I was skating. I wasn’t pleased with that part when it came out at all. But it was a lot of fun at the same time. I was hanging out in Philly skating with (Mike) Maldonado, Bam (Margera), and Kerry (Getz). They came down to Fort Myers and stuff. I don’t know what happened. I think in some ways I was already thinking I could rest on my laurels (Laughs.) I already thought like, “I don’t have to do anything. I’m special (laughs.)” I always wanted to have the best video part; I could just never do it.

I was talking to Marisa Dal Santo yesterday and she claimed Jump Off a Building was the best girl video part of all time. So I guess somebody thought the part was good.
That’s rad. I love her. She’s amazing.

Elissa Steamer on the cover of Toy Machine video #4 Jump Off a Building (’98).