Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

How does it feel to know you influenced all these other girls?
I’m into it. I would rather be helping motivate people than be bumming people out.

When did you turn pro?
It was March or April of ’98. So it was pretty quick. Two years. But back then two years was a lifetime. You were Am for two years then would turn pro. Then you would retire at like 25.

Lofty frontside ollie in ’99. Photo: Skin.

Does “first female pro street skater” sound weird?
No. It sounds all right to me (Laughs.)

Best memory from the Baker Bootleg Huntington party days? The Barrio, Warner, all that…
Yeah. They lived in “The Barrio”, the Aaron Pearcy and a couple of other friends lived on Warner. Back then that type of lifestyle was pretty rad for me. Now it would be like painful. But back then it was fun—wake up, go skate, then just party.

It seems like a ton of the stuff going on today came from that period in Huntington. (Ali) Boulala was there, Baker started; (Andrew) Reynolds was coming up, Ed (Templeton) and the Huntington Park. (Tom) Penny.
Yeah. For sure right? We all had the party in common (Laughs.) We partied and skated.

And lived in a boring ass beach town.
Yeah. There was nothing else to do. I remember Boulala got deported over J-walking.

Elissa’s part in the OG Baker Bootleg video. VHS copies came in painted porno boxes.