Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

Did you catch the Penny hey day?
Penny was gone by the time I got out there. But I met Penny the same day I met Donny (Barley) in Tampa.

It looked like you were a bit of a Penny fan.
Oh man. Who wasn’t? I still am. I’m so happy that he hasn’t changed. Still doing it and still ripping.

What changed when all you guys moved up to LA for Baker2G?
At first nothing really changed. It was just a different town. The big city. But then people started going their separate ways a little.

I remember you guys coming up right before you all moved up here. It was (Chris) Nieratko’s birthday or something and Shane Heyle got his teeth punched out.
Oh yeah. I had my brand new car. My Forerunner. I still have that car. That car is amazing. We drove up and by midnight, Shane was bleeding, he got his teeth knocked in. This girl puked all over the side of my brand new car. Everybody was a mess. Greco was a mess. That was like our LA dress rehearsal (Laughs.)

Elissa skates to the best version of the Modern Lover’s “Roadrunner” in Baker2G (’00).