Pioneer: Elissa Steamer, Full Interview—Crashing The Boys’ Club

What made you go to Bootleg with J. (Strickland) rather than stay with Baker or Toy Machine?
Well at first it was basically a Girl/Chocolate type situation. But it was through NHS and Baker was still had Blitz so eventually they were competing. I just kind of stayed out of the whole thing. All my friends were on those teams so it seemed natural.

How did it wind down?
It just kind of went out of business. They just canned it. I was sponsorless for like a year and half after that. I’m in the same predicament now. But I’ve given up. I guess I’m just retired now. I tried to get on a few companies. But I didn’t really have the confidence to just ask people outright. I would feel things out but nobody would sponsor me. I had Etnies sponsoring me still but they cut my pay and told me if I got a board sponsor they would go back to my old pay.

But you were still skating all those contests right? You were winning X Games and stuff.
Yeah. I was still out there doing it. Finally Jamie put me on Zero because he was just like, “You’re obviously still skating.” That was like May of ’05 maybe. I moved to SF in like ’03.

Elissa shares a mini part with Pete Eldridge, Scott Kane, Trainwreck, Anthony Mosely and Brian Michaud in a Promo for Bootleg 3000 (’03).