Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview—Supersizing Skateboarding

So was getting that Ban This part just so gnarly that you figured go for broke?
Yeah. I figured they wanted me to take it to the next level. There was quite a bit of stuff that didn’t make it into the video actually. Stuff I really hope they release some day. That one boardslide where I ollie on the rail and it cuts to my shoe on the board angle. I was so close to making that but they just thought I was gonna die. I had a nice double kinker in there too that never made it in.

Had anyone ollied that double set in there?
No. That was definitely the first one I ollied. It was at my Junior High School. I don’t really know if I saw anyone do one before. Now they skate triple sets like nothing (Laughs.)

What pushed you towards the mute grab in that part?
It goes back to that 11-stair from Public Domain. My feet would just come off the board on bigger stuff. So I’d just grab out of necessity. And the mute was just right in front of my face. I ended up using that grab a lot and then I guess it kind of became what I was known for. (Continued on Page 5.)

Ban This, Powell Peralta Video 6 Box Art.