Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview—Supersizing Skateboarding

Can you give the story of the rail at the end of the Ban This part?
I went to the trade show in Long Beach about six months before the video was released. It’s at the Long Beach Convention Center. I was at the show and told people like, “I’m gonna go boardslide this handrail over here. Who wants to video this thing?” I didn’t even know how many stairs it was but I just knew I wanted to give it a go. Someone at Powell told me they wouldn’t film it because they had to film the tradeshow. I had a little bit of a sore ankle at the time, so Todd Hastings, the team manager, ended up coming along just to make sure I didn’t hurt myself. So he’s watching and I tried about five times to cave man it. One of the tries, it was just one of those where everything seems to work. I slid the entire thing. It was just a perfect railslide. I fully had it. About five stairs from the bottom I wasn’t even sliding that fast and I looked over at Todd and was just like, “Where’s the camera?” I jumped off at the very end and just walked out of it because I didn’t want to hurt my ankle. Right before when I was walking up too, Natas saw me and was like, “Mark (Gonzales) already did it.” (Laughs.) I think he was just f—king with me.

Anyways, when we went back, they were doing construction on the 30-stair side so I ended up having to try the other side, which was like 35 stairs and steeper. I hope they release the slams for that because I ate shit on that one. I tried about 15 times off the jump ramp. I was trying to go as slow as I could because you pick up so much speed on it. I think I had rails too which made you go even faster. I ate shit all over the place. I slid to the end I think one time, or got close. Maybe stepped on the last stair. I tried as hard as I could but couldn’t make it that day. (Continued on Page 6.)

Frankie’s breakout Ban This (’89) part (Starts after the TV explodes at 1:16 and ends with his 35 stair attempt at 2:56)