Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview—Supersizing Skateboarding

Did they tell you they were going to cut it that way in the video?
I had no idea. I was really hoping they would show more of the boardslide. Because I definitely got further down it then it looks. I almost made it. It definitely tripped me out when I saw it with the “Can you do a handstand?” thing right after. You look back now though and I get what they went for. In retrospect, it was probably the right way to do it.

Was there more pressure to keep upping the danger level after Ban This?
It didn’t feel like pressure.

Did you go pro before the Propaganda part?
Yeah. I remember putting the bulldog stickers on my shorts while we filmed (Laughs.)
Frankie’s Bulldog graphic from his first Powell Peralta model (’90).

You didn’t skate contests or anything right? Your video part kind of became it.
Yeah. That was how I validated anything I had. I would get super nervous before contests. All I had was those parts. I knew Propaganda was coming up. I believe Stacey left before that came out. But I did get the feeling I was running out of gas a little. I tried everything I could think of in Ban This.

Did you ever think of moving to LA?
I thought about it. Maybe LA or San Diego. Just to see a new set of spots outside Santa Barbara. (Continued on Page 7.)