Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview—Supersizing Skateboarding

Can you break down the dirt mountain gap in Propaganda? The Ban This part ended with pretty much the biggest rail anybody had tried. Was the idea for that to be the biggest gap anybody had done? Was that the biggest gap you had ever ollied at that point?
Absolutely. By far. I brought those guys there just to show them. I was hung over. The team manager looked at me and basically said, “Your life will never be the same if you make this.” He was stoked on it. I was like, “Fuck it.” I just had no idea what was going to happen after I ollied. I went as fast as I could at it. And somehow it just felt like rolling off a curb. Somehow there was no impact or anything. After the first try I jumped off and just ran back up like, “I’m gonna make it!” I ran back and tried it again and that’s the second try, the one in the video.

Frankie’s Propaganda (’90) part which ends with the giant dirt gap.

Were they all mute grabs?
Yeah. I just figured that was the safest way to do it. I didn’t want the board coming off my feel. But I made the second one. The landing was a little sketchy so I went back and did one more clean. But when I rolled away I almost couldn’t stand up because my knees were just locked from the impact. The third one was filmed a little further back so I guess the gap looked a little smaller. They were editing the video later on and Tony hawk and Bucky Lasek and a few guys were there. Those dudes were asking about the video and they were like, “Oh yeah. Frankie Hill ollied this hill.” (Laughs.) We all watched it and that was the first time I saw it. Everybody was screaming.

Years later Kris Markovich backside 180d it. Did you trip on that?
Yeah. That was gnarly. I heard about that when it happened and I couldn’t believe it. They eventually fenced it off. But it was definitely a monster. (Continued on Page 8.)