Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview—Supersizing Skateboarding

Was Stacey leaving a big deal?
Yeah. He just seemed to always have a vision for what he was gonna do. After he left Powell definitely lost that to a degree. I didn’t think about at the time. But looking back for sure. Videos kind of lost the story feel after Stacey left, It became more like a collection of tricks. Especially after Powell started trying to battle with H-Street and that stuff.

The Poster from Frankie’s TWS Pro Spotlight, ’92. Lofty melon grab.

Was it weird to have the tech. stuff and pressure flips come in right as things were getting bigger? Did you battle that at all?
Yeah. I tried to get more tech. Even though that wasn’t really what I had been into. I did set a goal to take some of the tech. tricks to something big. That was my whole focus when that stuff came in. Occasionally I’d be able to do it. I learned those 360 double flips and did it down 6 stairs. It was around that same time too that I blew my knee out. So part of me really was like, “Oh, thank god.” (Laughs.) I can prolong my career. The knee was at the end of ’92. I never had the surgery so I was able to keep going for a while but it just wore out.

How did you react to Pat Duffy when he came out? Did you see that stuff?
The double kink? I was tripping out when I saw all that. I was still pushing around at that point and it felt kind of like being a racehorse. Like you look over your shoulder and see another horse coming up that’s just faster and stronger then you are. Like, “Fuck, I’m not going to win this.” That’s kind of how I felt. It was crazy. The one 50-50 were he ollied off the super steep bank, grinded then ollied back into the bank. That was wild. I heard the rumors that he had gone to the dirt gap ollie and done it too. (Continued on Page 9.)