Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview—Supersizing Skateboarding

Did you ever cross paths with Natas and Gonz?
I skated the Skatezone a little bit with Natas. He actually broke his ankle there a little later on. But we skated together a couple of times. I skates with Mark and Jason Lee that one weekend that they asked me to ride for Blind. I’d see Jason at commercial tryouts in LA. I’d run into them from time to time. But mostly what I got from them was what I saw in the magazines and videos. For Hook I was down in LA for six months with Rudy, Guy, and Gabriel. That was a lot of fun.

Frankie’s last part with Powell (No Peralta) in Chaos (’92). Already on an injured knee and in the dark days of the pressure flip.

Was there a low point after the injury? Did you feel like you had gotten ripped off?
I basically quit Powell because I just felt like I couldn’t contribute anymore. There was just no way that I could keep going. Chaos was filmed in two weeks. I used whatever I had left for that video. Powell was kind of dying off too. I quit and rode for Consolidated for about six months. I ended up quitting that too. I just started to feel bad taking their money given that I couldn’t really skate. I just stopped skating. I couldn’t do it. Christmas day that year I decided to skate the double-sided curb at the DMV. Just went alone, tried to boardslide the curb and my knee blew out.

That was really the point where I just hung it up. I knew it was over. Beyond over. I got a job delivering brake parts to gas stations, which basically sucked. I would drive my truck around and see skaters and for a while it was just completely surreal. I went to City College. My focus was really shot. But I didn’t really have a choice.

Were any other skaters hanging out with you?
Not really. Kit had moved to San Francisco. Dylan Gardner was like the new guy coming up. It pretty much sucked. (Continued on Page 10.)