Product Of The Month & Editors’ Picks

From our November 2011 issue:
Words by Ben Kelly

You ever get a chance to finally meet your favorite pro, and he turns out to be a total dick? Yeah, we know, it sucks. It’s like getting food poisoning at your favorite food spot. Or buying a new car and having it break down on the drive home. Or more like hooking up with the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, only to be scratching uncontrollably at a red bumpy rash-you know where-a few days later. Pro dickdom is not something we condone. But on the flip side, there are those pros out there that can be so cool, so appreciative, and so-not-a-dick, that when you meet them they somehow instantly become your favorite (and if they were already your favorite, then that’s a straight catapult into legend status).

skb1111_pom01So, what does this to-be-or-not-be-a-dick lesson have to do with the Converse KA-One? We’re happy to inform you that Kenny Anderson has always been a pro of the so-not-a-dick sort. Honestly, he’s one of the raddest pros you’ll ever encounter. And we love it when our favorite pros aren’t dicks-for starters-but also put their signature on great product. And Kenny’s first pro model shoe, since being reunited with the brand, is-like “the perfect man,” himself-nothing less than legendary.

Soccer Inspired

Soccer inspired, but made for skating, the KA-One comes equipped with Kenny’s vision of the perfect toe: “I’ve always liked that soccer-style shoe and that kinda cup sole. It’s probably the only cup I can really skate in.”

Keep It Classic

“Converse has always made classic shoes and you don’t want to steer away from that,” Kenny said. That explains the simple but classic design.