Product Of The Month & What We Like, December 2011


Words by Ben Kelly

Hotels are overrated. Except maybe if you’ve got pockets deeper than a thrift store V-neck and forking up the cash for a five-star suite ain’t no thang. But for most of us, even cramming six dudes into a room at Motel Suck is outta the financial question. Which is why camping gear, or in this case, camping stuff, is so essential—especially for the traveling skater. When you’ve got your own tent and sleeping bag, you’ve got a free night’s stay in any city you find yourself in. Besides, sleeping under the stars beats waking up to the local crackhead banging on your door demanding to speak to his girlfriend “Stacy” who he’s convinced is hiding inside. True story.

Kenny Anderson first introduced me to Poler Camping Stuff a couple months ago. Designed and created by Portland-based photographer Benji Wagner, Poler is so simple, functional, and well-designed, it’s perfect for stashing in the van, strapping to the back of a bike, or just carrying on any skate trip. It’s a complete camping kit that can fit into a single backpack, with a spot for your board, and can be set up within minutes. Add that to a team that consists of Alex Olson, Cairo Foster, Arto Saari, John Rattray, and of course Kenny Anderson, and we might not be staying at a roach motel ever again.

1. One Man Tent $170