Product Of The Month/What We Like, January 2012

Product Of The Month: 20th Anniversary Half Cab (Limited) From our January 2012 30 Year Anniversary Issue


Words by Skin Phillips

An interview with Steve Caballero on what is undoubtedly the most influential skate shoe of all time:

What does it feel like to have a pro shoe for 20 years? Did you think it would last this long?

When I do anything I don’t know how long it will last or the impression it will leave on people. I just do things and let it go where it will go. I could never really imagine how big something’s going to get, but to see the longevities of that shoe and the resurgence of the popularity is very flattering to me.

When did the design go from the full Cab to the half Cab?

The high top Caballero first came out in ’89. A few years later I noticed people cutting down my shoe. Eric Dressen was one of the firsts that I saw. I would see a lot of people at the park cutting it down too, so I started doing it. I started putting duck tape on it. Some people were sewing them and putting stickers on it. After we were doing that for so long, I thought, “This is dumb.” I called Vans and told them everyone’s cutting my shoe down, it’s the new thing. Let’s cut them down and call them half-Cabs. I saw something was happening and I jumped on it. Twenty years later it’s one of the most copied shoes in history.

That’s the thing, almost every other shoe out there looks like it too.

That’s even more flattering to me. That is just so awesome. It’s so rad. It’s a compliment to me. I don’t get pissed off when people emulate others I think people should take that as a compliment.

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Half Cab, Vans will be releasing a new limited edition shoe every month in 2012. The first being the recreation of what sparked it all.