Real Since Day One Premiere Photos

Last night in San Francisco’s historic Victoria theater, Real premiered its full-length video Since Day One in two packed showings. The weather was exceptionally nice, and tons of people were in from out of town making the vibes inside and outside the theater really damn fun. Before the video started, Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbee, and Matt Rodriguez were all jamming onstage while a montage of photos ran on the screen. At 7p.m., Jim Thiebaud welcomed the crowd, thanked the team, and we were off. The next 60-minutes were pure, gnarly skateboarding. The video is amazing and will be worth your hard-earned dollars. No spoilers—it’ll be worth the wait. After the video, Justin Brock jumped onstage and grabbed the mic. He then pulled a deck out of a Deluxe box and revealed James Hardy’s rookie pro board—a surprise to everyone in the building. Well-deserved no doubt—James’ part is bananas. Big ups to Real for spending the time and money to make a full-length video with its whole team. Catch a premiere near you if you can!