Reverb: Twin Shadow


Words by Kevin Duffel, photography by Blair Alley

Unless you’re a deranged, self-obsessed kind of guy with a severe Napoleon complex, hearing your own voice echo back at you from the stereo speakers, mid-coitus, is a total bummer. Especially when the girl you’re consummating your love to is responsible for having pushed play. (There’s a very fine line between groupie and stalker.) While it’s a bizarre experience the average person will most likely never live through, according to George Lewis, Jr.—the front man and songwriter of the Brooklyn-based band, Twin Shadow—it’s not just a guaranteed way to kill a boner, “it’s totally unacceptable.”

But it’s a malfeasance the singer will most likely have to get used to if he continues to write the kind of music he’s so damn good at writing. As if filtered through and then spat straight out the fog machine of an ’80s middle school dance, Twin Shadow’s tunes might be a more fitting soundtrack to a 2am backseat make out sesh than some high speed Bonnie and Clyde-styled chase with Johnny Law. Dreamy and drenched in smoky atmospherics, 2010’s Forget is a hook filled, heavy petting-inducing classic. (In other words, if it doesn’t help get you laid, then god save ya, buddy.)

Hard at work on his second album, due out in early 2012, George Lewis, Jr. took a break from his exhausting schedule of posing with random chicks for photos to chat to us about skating in dress shoes, why Bob Dylan is the most stylish and badass musician out there, cheese-filled hotdogs, and more.

Slow by Twin Shadow

So you told me earlier that you used to skate. This being TransWorld, what’s up with your skateboarding?
Me and my buddy used to push around on boards with filmer wheels on ’em. We used to go to these hospital parking lots in Boston. One time I just got overambitious and went down this insane ramp that was really f—king long, like probably 50 yards long. It was way too steep. I got about half way down and then just fell flat on my face. It was really brutal. That took like a week for me to even be able to walk, basically. So then I was like, “F—k it, I’m still gonna skate.” So I was skating, and I skated to some bar that I used to be able to sneak into. And outside, the board got out from under me, and a minivan came by and purposely ran it over. The board went flying in the air in two pieces. I was like, “Ah, f—k it.” And my arms hurt, and I had a punk band and we were playing like five shows a week, so I was like, “I can’t do this.”

How do you feel about skaters using your songs in videos?
There was a kid on YouTube who used “Forget.” He obviously didn’t pay for it, but I thought it was rad. I was like, “This dude is awesome.” He totally ripped.

That kid was Ben Fisher. Ya hear that Ben? Twin Shadow’s down for ya.