Reverb: Twin Shadow

I read that you were really confident with the first album, as far as you knew it was good right away. Do you have that same sense of confidence with this album you’re working on?
I don’t know yet. I’d say I have classic second record blues.

How are you dealing with all the pressures for it, like as far as critics and reviews are concerned? Do you give a shit?
I mean, part of me doesn’t give a shit. But you never give a shit until you see a review. And it’s more about—well, reviews I feel like, can be about how easy it makes your life, you know? If you get a good review, life is easy. If you get a bad review, your life’s a little more complicated. But the pressure’s from myself. It’s not from how many stars I’m gonna get. I just wanna make a good record. I’ll probably freak out when the time comes. But right now the pressure’s only coming from myself.

Are you playing all the instruments on this one too?
I’m not sure. I think the keyboarder who I have for the live shows is gonna be more involved. I’m interested in hiring really heavy-duty session players and seeing what happens.

What about the production on this one: Are you thinking about recording it in your hotel room like the last one, or are you gonna go to a proper studio this time around?
I’m not gonna go to a proper studio, but I am gonna rent a house. Probably in Cali.

Castles In The Snow, studio version, by Twin Shadow
You like it over here?
I love it. I grew up in Florida.

Yeah, so it’s pretty much the same climate.
Yeah. Except the humidity. It’s great. So it does remind me of Florida, but the Florida I always wanted and never had. I love California.

Besides the weather, what else do you like so much about it?
Every time I come to California I get in some weird situation that’s so bizarre, and I’m like, “How did that happen? This would never happen in New York.” Like, New York, you can go down some pretty dark roads. Like if you go to a bar you don’t know and try to talk to someone you usually wouldn’t talk to, you can get into a weird situation. But in LA—or in California in general—it’s handed to you. This really weird thing just happens.

I had this conversation with someone. It’s almost like because you have to drive somewhere, you’re more committed, in a way, to getting into something. Like, if you’re in Hollywood and some chick takes you to Venice Beach in her car, you’re stuck in Venice Beach all night long—or all weekend long. So that’s interesting to me. I wanna be out here doing my record in that kind of environment. It’s also f—king freezing in New York.

You think it’s all fancy studio wizardry and shit? Hell no. Twin Shadow kills it five million percent harder live. Watch this Jimmy Fallon performance of Castles In The Snow for proof.