Reverb: Twin Shadow

On a different note, how important do you think style or image is with music?
I mean, I think it’s super important. But I think there are certain people who get away with not needing it. On a mainstream, like superstar level, of course it’s important. What star hasn’t had style? It’s everything, you know? I mean, would you say Kurt Cobain had no style? No. He had tons of style. There’s almost no such thing as no style.

Yeah, I think that’s the same with skating, too. Sometimes it feels like the dudes who are kinda lifestyle icons are the ones who go the furthest.
Yeah. That’s because skating’s become a business in a way. If you want to survive in it—just like music—then you have to kinda play a game. But if you’re not interested in the game, then don’t be in the game.

Do you ever get bummed out when people talk about your image rather than your music though?
I don’t think my image is that extravagant that they’d only talk about that. I’m not like Lady Gaga.

Yet, yeah exactly [laughs]. But, I dunno, I love that shit. I’d rather people just talk to me about clothes than music. I mean, not that I know tons of shit about clothes either, but no, that’s something I’m super interested in. I’d love to have my own clothing line.

So that said, I know that skating’s kinda everywhere right now, as far as fashion blogs, fashion campaigns, and all this other shit goes. How do you feel about that? In New York you’ve gotta see it a lot, like Supreme and all those kinds of stores.
Yeah, I guess Supreme’s all over again. It was in the ’90s and now it is again. Odd Future resurrected that shit. I think it’s cool. When I skated I used to wear—my buddy Ricky always brings this up—but I used to go play basketball and then we’d go skating. This is in Florida. I had a pair of black and gold board shorts. I’d wear board shorts and I’d wear my church shoes to go skating in. So I wore out right where my pinky toe is. It was sticking out. But I’d wear that. And my buddy Dave, who was the most amazing skater, kinda had all the boxes checked, in terms of skater-look. And I always envied him. I always wanted that. But I felt comfortable skating in my shit, even though I looked like a f—king fool. So, I dunno if I ever really loved it—but skater style now is a little different.

Yeah, now it’s whatever you wanna make it. There’s no real look.
Yeah, it’s a free for all. And that’s sweet. And now black kids are skating. It’s amazing. I love it now. Who’s the skater who dresses like a total hippy? Like bellbottoms and shit?

Oh, Richie Jackson.
Yeah. I saw that dude in a video and I was like, “This is awesome, there’s diversity now.” It’s cool. There’s no such thing as skate style anymore.

If you could share the stage with anyone, who would you choose? Who’s the most stylish motherf—cker out there?
Well, James Brown is dead. But believe it or not, Bob Dylan. I think Bob Dylan’s always been one of the most stylish dudes ever. He always had something going on. He looks like an old worn out cowboy now, but that works for him. That’s what I like about him. He always evolves. It’s good. I shouldn’t diss Duran Duran—they’re still doing their thing—but I went and saw them in New York, and it’s so funny watching them. They were all wearing sneakers, like New Balance or something, with boot cut Euro bleached-thigh jeans, and like ill-fitting button-up shirts untucked, with their bellies pushing out the bottom. And tons of gel in their hair. I was just like, “You dudes either go completely retro with your look, or I dunno, don’t look like you’re some asshole smoking cigars at a shitty bar in Ibiza.”

[Laughs] I guess too, I wanna say your music’s a little bit—I guess it’s weird to say—but it’s sexy in a way. Like you could totally make out with a chick in the back of your car to it. So, what would happen if you were hooking up with a girl and she put on your tunes?
Like during? Well, that has happened. It’s happened and it’s totally unacceptable.

It just kills the boner?
Yeah. I mean I go on tons of power trips. I have that Napoleon complex for sure. But I certainly don’t need to hear myself singing while I’m doing my thing.

So for the last one—the most important one—so answer it correctly. If you were a hotdog and starving, would you eat yourself?
If I was a hotdog and I was starving… that’s hard, man. It’s weird, I’ve been a vegetarian and I’ve been a meat eater, and I’m a meat eater right now, and I’ve never ever liked hotdogs. Ever.

But you’re starving.
Okay. If I was a cheese-filled hotdog, yes.

Good answer.
Dude. My buddy’s mom… we used to go over to his house and play Mario—the first Mario—and he was such a f—king spazz, that I’d come over and he’d be spazzing out on the Mario, and I would just be all sweet talking with his mom, and she’d be like, “Oh George, let me put some cheesy hotdogs in the toaster for you.” I wanna see one of those dirty job documentaries on how they make that shit.

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