Footy Tape Fridays: Ryan Farley

Straight up raw footy, no music—the way a Footy Tape should be. Ryan Farley is setting us up for a fantastic holiday weekend.

You want your footy tape to be seen on This is the place to do it. Register on the homepage and upload that sucker. Be sure to tag it Footy Tape Fridays. Each week we’ll pick a banger and post it up here.

Ryan Farley is 21 years young.he was born n raised in SAN JOSE,CA.the footy is filmed from the bay to LA by big pauly films,rick flip,josh fields and matt posada.when ryan isn’t out skating street through out the year he is a counselor at the element ymca skate camp.hes got steez n his kneez and always a smile on his face.enjoy the footy!