Sk8mafia Saturdays: The Friends Section

You can’t forget about your homeys, so this week we bring you the Friends Section from the Sk8mafia Am Video. All new Sk8mafia Saturdays starting…next week?

In order of appearance: Gilbert Marin, Rob Marin, Ryan Zammit, Tommy Cantrell, Ryan McFarlin, John Rosenkranz, Austin Kanfouth, Bootz, Jake Brown, Jamie Palmore, Jimmy Cao, Brandon LeFever, Shuriken Shannon, Steve McNeal, Ryan Smith, Marquise Henry, Lindsey Robertson, Greg Myers, Colin McKay, Matt Miller, Jani Laitala, Adrian McElhaney, Dave Mayhew Dave Coyne, Danny Wallace, Peter Jimenez, Tung Tran, Cuong Lieng, Paul Sewell, Brian Emmers, Jeff Boye, Charlie Castelluzzo, Ben Skrzypek, Mike Fitz, Kayshawn Jackson, Walker Ryan, John Lupfer, Ryan Harris, Dave Cole, Dave Abair, Alex Caceres, Trung Ngo, Sammy Terrado, Brian Gille, Lenny Rivas, Chauncy, Petey Martinez, Brian Kelly, Nick Suarez, Skunk, Spencer Prati, Willy Santos, Steve Shipler, Donger, Spaniards—Tyler’s homeys, Sammy Baptista, Amrit Jain, Justin Guillen, Brian Fick, Mike Crum, Chris Larue, Andrew Sprigle, JT Aultz, Jimmy Carlin, Khai, Jimmy Cao, Mike Magawi, Marcus Allen, Cody Carlin, Daniel Rodriguez