Skating The U.A.E: 10th Annual Desert Dubai Extreme & More


Local photogs totally vibing me.


It kinda felt like an ASR show at times. Some things are the same no matter where in the world you are.


Hopefully you’re still with us after all that tourism! Vert demo time. The UK’s finest up and coming vert skater, Sam Beckett.


Jussi Korhonen going frontside.


“Critch” is a natual on the mic. Give him a cup of tea and let him loose.


You may have heard the U.A.E. is really strict on its alcohol and drug laws…


A small sampling of the crew that made this all possible: DDE Marketing’s Kader Hadri, ramp master Phil, and BMX bowse Drew York.


You know Arabs love their drifting. Outside they were burning the tires off these Skylines going 120 m.p.h. The reason this photo is foggy is because going from the air conditioning in the building to the stifling humidity outside fogged my shit up.


Local ripper Evan Collisson, Alex Mizurov, and local Mark Issa. Alex was there to do demos, the other two competed in the DDE contest.


One time world SKATE champ Alex Mizurov put on precision-tech demos everyday. He can flip in or out of these switch crooked grinds on call and played every kid there in SKATE at least twice.