Evan Collisson is the perfect ambassador for Dubai/Abu Dhabi skateboarding. Mellow, very nice, and super buttery style. It’s no surprise he’s on Stereo flow out there.


Evan Collisson, back Smith.


The kids out there love their spread-eagle tre flips. Mark Issa is consistent.


Boned out kickflip from local Karim.


Mark Issa 360 flips from the deck to the vert ramp. He qualified first in the semis of the contest, but couldn’t put it down as hard on finals day.


Local Omar Al Abbar took the drop from vert deck into a bank to kick off his runs.


Mr. Mizurov with a backside triple flip with minimal effort.


Evan Collisson ended up taking first with his flowing lines and smooth gnarliness. Omar Al Abbar in the red shirt took second. This was the first contest I ever helped judge—it was fun as hell!


Not only did this dude wreck his knee in the BMX contest (hence the wheelchair), he still placed and had the best name of the weekend.


After three days’ hard work, it was time to unwind and let loose. Shahriar being the accomodating host that he is had us VIP in every club and made sure our glasses never ran dry. Here’s the Persian Tornado briefly captured by my iPhone.


The view of Abu Dhabi from the top of club Aloft. There will probably be buildings in all those holes the next time we’re in town.


On the last day, the weather actually cooled off and there was a nice desert breeze. This is the beach at our hotel with constant construction across the way. After this was shot we were off to the Dubai airport for a mind-bending 24 hours of travel back to the good ol’ U.S. of A. Mucho thanks to the Rage and DDE staff that made this trip possible. The locals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a really positive tight-knit scene, not to mention some of the best spots on the globe at their disposal. Everyone we met and hungout with was unbelievably cool and from such varied backgrounds. Epic friendships were made and hopefully we’ll all be back in the magic of the U.A.E. soon. The worldwide brotherhood of skateboarding never ceases to amaze.

DDE Champs video filmed by Tamer Ramadan