Skirting Disaster: Duane Peters Talks

It must be great to have a group of friends like Olson and Adams that you’ve skated with for 30 years.
Yeah. Me and Olson are fighting right now. For the last year. We’re like chicks and aren’t talking right now. It’ll blow over. I like the feeling of skating and the endorphin rush afterwards. I think I’m bipolar, well, I think everybody is bipolar, but it’s only been eight months of sobriety so I’m still badly chemically unbalanced. I have my deep depression and anger … just doom. If I go skate, it takes it away. The antidepressants just seem like shit. I’d rather walk through it. Bleed in public. It’s all about making mistakes and if they’re out in the open then maybe it’ll make me grow quicker. I think most skaters are f—ked up, especially from my day. But even right now, you have to have issues to put the time in and push skating to the level it’s at right now. It’s insane. I have huge respect for the whole thing. I just want to keep skating and getting better. Right now I go to bed dreaming about skateboarding like I did when I was a kid. There’s never been an answer like my skateboard. It aligns shit in your head. Don’t compete, just work on whatever you want to work on. It’s the cure-all for me. I know that sounds lame but it’s the truth.

DP gives SpongeBob a run for his money.