The 30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time


Christ Air, 1986. Photo: BRITTAIN

On the one most influential skater of all time:

Tony Hawk’s carried skateboarding and been the poster child and has opened up doors for me, even today. He’s the icon of our sport and really did expand our industry to a place of enormous proportions. He was a huge part of me, driving me to get better. Going from contest to contest, I’d be thinking, “What tricks is he gonna come up with next?” He’d make up tricks and we’d learn ’em. The only way to beat him was to do his tricks higher [laughs]. That’s all I thought. That’s how fast he made up tricks. I realized there was something about him that was phenomenal. Even today, when you watch him skate, he’s still got that same natural ability that all of us have to work for. Doing a 900 at 43 years old?