The 30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time


Frontside flip, 2008. Photo: TRINH

On his first video and influences:

I didn’t see skateboarding until I was eight or nine. When I moved to a different neighborhood I finally got to see skateboarding and my best friends Rassoul and Terence showed me an actual skateboard video. The Blind video [Video Days]. They brought it to my house and said, “This is a skateboard video.” The thing I remembered from that video was Guy Mariano and how small he was. I identified with him because I was small and thought I could do this. I figured out how hard it was. Guy Mariano was absolutely the first skateboarder I looked up to. I came in during the World era, so Henry Sanchez, Jovontae Turner, and Guy Mariano are the three most influential skaters in my life besides Kareem Campbell, who came a bit later.