The Insider Week 8

The last time I talked to you, you were about to go to Brazil. How did that work out in the end?
It was tight. It was the one of the funniest trips I’ve been on. It was f**kin’ hilarious.Why?
Because Brandon Biebel is hilarious–he’s the funniest kid. We went to some cities there–I’m not gonna tell the kids everything ’cause ya’ll are gonna have to read the mag. Basically, we’d wake up late, and go out at night to skate. It was fun–the crew was fun: Ty, Erik, Scott, Biebel, Rick, this kid Ricardo. So that trip was good, and everybody made a back which I was psyched on. Everybody had fun. It was kinda shitty for skating though, ya know what I mean. I’m not gonna say any more than that–read the article. There’s definitely a lot of rigging in there: a lot of portraits–no, just kidding. I hope I got some good skate stuff. I finished it today, and it looked pretty good.I got back from Brazil on Saturday. Me and Biebel drove straight from the airport to San Diego to hook up with Mumford. Mumford was gonna lipslide this big rail, but he just wasn’t feelin’ it. He pulled the chain on it because his legs were feeling shaky. Me and Lee Dog, Matt and Biebel ended up just dorking off and going to the mall. On Sunday, I went out with the City Star dudes, I hooked up with them: Cain, Deadman, Little Paul, and Rodriguez. We skated one spot, and Cain got a couple photos. Later that night this kid Ryan Denman got a nice sequence.Monday, I went to TransWorld. Since schools are out this week, I raced back up to hook up with Beibel and Ty at Beverly Hills High. We got stuck in traffic because we left TransWorld late, and it got dark. We called it off and went Christmas shopping.Have you just been going out with ams?
Yeah, that’s what I usually try to do. Of course, I try to do some pro shit, but, at the same time, I’m trying to concentrate on the ams right now. On Tuesday, I went skating with Reynolds and the Baker am crew. Terry and Evan got a couple photos. Knox fell and tweaked his ankle. It’s so funny skating with all these little kids–it makes you feel old. At the spot, there were ten little kids all fanning out on Reynolds–it was fun though, we skated with them. Wednesday, I hooked up with Little Paul, , and Biebel. We went to Beverly. Little Paul got a couple things.Oh, on Tuesday night at two in the morning, I went out with Forrest Kirby. So obviously, I slept late on Wednesday morning. Wednesday night, I went to a Clippers game and they beat the Timber Wolves–it was tight. I stayed at Lee Dog’s that night, and on Thursday, I went to TransWorld for an hour. I hooked up with Trainwreck in Oceanside. He got two things–it was sick. I came back up and hooked up with Mumford. We got peaced out–it sucked. We saw Willy, and those guys. We all decided to go to Beverly Hills High. We just skated there. I was working on my double flip kickflips. Ako, me, and that kid Anthony Ragdoll were gonna skate the four-stair rail at University High. I wanted to go back to get a sequence of this crooked grind, and I also wanted to skate it, but traffic was all blitzed–some dude had jumped off a roof on Wilshire. We turned around, went to Swingers, listened to JayZ on the juke box, went back to our house, and beat Lee at Coby Briant II for Nintendo. I blasted Lee Dog out because LEE DOG IS WACK. Last night, we skated Wiltshire. This little guy, Paul Rodriguez broke some stuff off. He’s a gnarly dude–he’s got little popper legs. Oh, you know what else I got?

I got Tony Hawk Pro Skater II for my Game Boy from Eric. Oh, we went to the Girl Christmas party on Monday night too–we had a good time.That was it.