The Osiris Experience 2013: Prague Photos

Today was the big day here in Prague. The Osiris Experience invite-only am contest went down at the Mystic Skatepark. It was a head-to-head bracket format, and after each two-man jam, a winner was chosen to advance to the next round and given a cash prize. 200 Euros in the first round of elimination, and 400 Euros and prize packs from the sponsors in the semis. Our final two ams were Tomas Stejskal and Douwe Macare (who won last year’s Osiris Experience). Their finals heat was insane! The judges had a hard time calling it, but Douwe was named winner and got an additional 2,000 Euros, a GoPro camera, and a bunch of other gear. Thanks to all the event sponsors: Osiris, Monster, Boom, Spy, and GoPro. Check out all the photos. Check out the video!

Photos by Shigeo