TWS 10 Freaks

The longest-running freak show in modern skateboarding. The young Mutt invented street skating’s building blocks on a desolate farm with only cows watching. Mullen skates alone twice a night: once when the sun sets and then from midnight until 3:30 a.m. He spends free time socializing with Navy SEALs, fellow RAND think tank members, Pulitzer Prize winners, the guy who created The Simpsons, etc. Quantum physics papers and bible codes make his summer reading list. He lullabies himself to sleep with Court TV or paranormal docs and slumbers with his arms crossed like a vampire and doesn’t move until he wakes. Job for past three years: erasing his stance.

Not just anyone could rock makeup, hair extensions, borderline transvestite gear and … create a massive following. Greco, with his gift for slang, drops “hammers” as well as wads of cash on designer duds. He brought the catwalk to the skatepark and few possess the balls to fully follow.

Jim’s part from Baker 3

Nobody does crazed ADD genius better than Carlin. His brain is like those dogs that go crazy once unleashed in dog parks. With PR-controlled skate stars droning out predictable boring talk, Carlin’s hilarious observations and entertaining spaced style are sorely needed. Sample trick tip advice: “[Don’t] wear boxers with holes in the front because your wiener will pop out. It’s very uncomfortable.” Why isn’t he doing TV commentary?