With all that we’ve shown you this weekend, you might be a little Maloofed out. But when you witness some of the greatest skateboarding a contest has ever given us, what better way to see it all than frame by frame? Here’s some of the gnarliest sequences that we captured this weekend.

Photos by Dave Chami

Torey Pudwill, straight nollie over the Rincon replica.


Tommy Sandoval made this gnarly kickflip a couple times during the contest.


Alex Olson, ollie over to five-0.


Brian Anderson with a so-steezy frontside boneless to lip.


After the Best Trick contest buzzer, Pete Eldridge switch heeled over the Rincon rail gap for 500 bucks. But he had this switch lip all day.


Torey Pudwill must’ve got bored half way down this back Smith. Why else would you make things hard on yourself and turn it into a feeble?


Impossible lip. Manny Santiago makes it look so smooth.


In somewhat of a hidden corner of the course, Jake Duncombe gets our attention with a front blunt into the bank.


This isn’t the Carlsbad gap, but this is a Billy Marks nollie inward heel. Look at that catch!


A Cab front blunt? And that’s why Chris Cole took home the 100 Gs. Well, one of the many reasons.