TWS 10: Unexpected TV & Movie Appearances


From our May, 2010 issue, on sale now. Words by Kevin Duffel.

Skaters are no strangers to the camera, but a select few have somehow garnered access to the catering truck while filming. Probably even more surprised than they are for getting a legit free meal and hefty paycheck out of it, though, are the vast majority of us skate nerds who are left jaw-dropped in awe, shouting, “Holy shit! Was that…?” after catching an unexpected glimpse of one of our favorites on the silver screen. Netflix these and queue the double takes.

1. Tony Hawk. The Simpsons, “The 300th Episode.” ’03.
You know you’ve made it when you’ve been on The Simpsons; they don’t let just any dim-witted chump into Springfield (disregard that Facebook Simpsonator application). The Bird Man landed himself a spot in the commemorative 300th episode alongside blink-182–how epic, right? Highlights include a midair vert ramp brawl between Cap’n 900 and Homer J.

2. Rob Dyrdek. Righteous Kill. ’08.
Occasionally a film has a scene so shitty you can’t help but wonder how it cleared the director’s cut. Case in point: Dyrdek’s, or “Rambo the skateboard pimp,” scene in Righteous Kill. Don’t expect Rob to pull any Oscars by flying like a ragdoll–albeit a freshly dead one–in one of Hollywood’s all-time most embarrassingly bad kill scenes.

3. Chad Muska. Entourage, “Oh, Mandy.” ’05.
Muska drives like a dick. Johnny Drama gets pissed. Muska spits on Drama’s Escalade while driving in a convertible PT Cruiser and wearing only the bottom half of a wetsuit. Drama speeds up and frantically beats Muska’s Loser Cruiser with a golf club while Limp Bizkit blasts through your television speakers at ear-shattering decibels. “Oh, Mandy”? More like, “Oh, Muska.”