TWS 10: Unexpected TV & Movie Appearances

7. Gonz. Gummo. ’97.
Leave it to Gonz to star in the strangest scene on this list, yet not seem out of place. He literally wrestles a chair (yes, the wooden kind) and proceeds to kick the shit out of it while a heavily inbred crowd cheers on. I’m not sure what’s weirder–Gonz wrestling a chair, or the fact he’s so damn good at it he probably does it regularly.

8. Ryan Sheckler. Tooth Fairy. 10.
Sure, reality TV is “unscripted,” but when writers and producers get involved, it typically becomes as real as Candy Land. For Sheckler’s sake, let’s suppose he wasn’t acting in Life Of Ryan. His role in Tooth Fairy supporting The Rock as hockey player Mick Donnelly earns Shecks a legit spot on this list.

9. Javier Nunez. How To Make It In America. ’10.
Wilfredo Gomez: probably the best/worst name never to be on the bottom of a skateboard. Apparently the producers of HBO’s How To Make It In America sided with the latter because after the show’s season one finale, Javier’s off-kilter, pseudo-pro skater character kickflipped into oblivion, never to be seen again.

10. Fabian Alomar. Southland, “Discretion.” ’10.
It must be crazy playing a gangbanger named El Flaco on TV mere months after serving time in the slammer, but if anybody knows the part, it’s Fabian Alomar. Let’s just hope he’s not out there method acting à la James Dean, because quite frankly, we’re more than psyched on seeing the ex-Menace around again.