TWS Candid Comments: Josiah Gatlyn

Keegan Sauder, Strange World, Zero, ‘10

Josiah Gatlyn: Sometimes when I watch people skate and I’ve never seen their personality before, I try to figure out what they might be like in person. And from watching Keegan skate he looks like the type of dude who would shotgun a beer and then ride off on his motorcycle in a spiked leather jacket. You know, super bad ass type stuff. Cause he skates like a mad man. So before I went on the Zero/DGK tour recently I had all these ideas of what Keegan would be like. But let me tell you, he’s the nicest and most humble dude you’ll ever meet. Love that guy, he’s freaking awesome. This part was one of my favorites in Strange World. That noseblunt at 1:59 is nuts!