Vans Downtown Showdown In Amsterdam

Vans threw their annual Downtown Showdown contest once again, this time in Amsterdam and with 50,000 Euros up for grabs. All weekend long leading up to the contest, they hosted a slew of rad events like the Half Cab 20th Anniversary Party (how often do you get to see Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee play a set together, and then watch Cardiel DJ to close the night out!? Insane…), as well as a public screening of the Bones Brigade documentary. As for the contest, just like the previous years, all the competing teams—a merge of European and American companies, including: Yama, Toy Machine, Spitfire, Palace, Jart, Flip, Element, Death, Blueprint, and Antiz—sent in designs, from which Vans picked and built their favorite four. Inspired by the city’s culture and scenery, Blueprint designed a skateable canal bridge and boat; Flip designed a magical mushroom tranny joyride; Palace designed a skateable Dutch coffee shop ashtray; and Antiz designed a skateable Dutch windmill. Flip killed it all day long and came out on top for Best Team, while Luan Oliveira took home Best Pro by crushing every single obstacle with amazing consistency and grace. Straight up, the Vans Downtown Showdown has always been and still remains to be one of the best events in all of skateboarding. If you ever get the chance to make it out to one, you owe it to yourself.

Video by Cameron Holland

Full results:

Best Team: 1. Flip, 2. Element, 3. Antiz, 4. Toy Machine

Best Pro: Luan Oliveira

Best Am: Ross McGouran

Palace Obstacle, 1st Place: Luan Oliveira

Flip Obstacle, 1st Place: Dominik Dietrich

Blueprint Obstacle, 1st Place: Luan Oliveira

Antiz Obstacle, 1st Place: Rob Smith