Vans Syndicate 20 Years Of The Half Cab

On Saturday the 14th of April, New Image Art Gallery in Hollywood played host to a photographic celebration of 20 years of the Half Cab. Curated by Lance Dawes with prints framed in waffle motif by Dan Tag and sponsored by Syndicate, the show covered 20 years of Classic Half Cab visuals – no doubt one of skateboarding’s most iconic shoes. From ‘Lil Stevie Williams to Wade Speyer, Gonz, Freddy Gall, Mike Daher, Rick Ibaseta, Cardiel, TG & MC and more – ’twas an amazing testimonial to a shoe that has stood the test of time and been on many the feet of skateboarding’s finest. It’s on until the 19th of April if you are in the Fairfax area of Hollywood, definitely worth a look.

Words & photos by Mike O’Meally