Walk Wit Me Vol. 3XPN

All Photos And Words By Clyde Singleton

Upon being asked to leave my girls apartment for the third time, in one week. i figured it wasnt a good time to remind her, that i was to drive her car to the X-Games to “work”. See. Heres the problem. Usually when i go to “work”, it consists of the following: losing something important(camera, phone, housekeys, ID..), drinking myself into a walking coma, and somehow not coming home. Being that my girls 20x’s smarter than me, she figured this out within my first 2 “work related” trips. So i had to devise a “plan B”. i got to thinking, “how tha fokk can i see this SuperPark, and make this dough at the same time?” Remembering my man Dave Ashley(Dwindle TM), had given me his “10 Event, All Access” pass the night prior- i wat’nt trying to waste this shat at all. So, i grabbed my board and… well Walk Wit Me. This is pretty damn interesting i must say…