Our good buddy Mike Franklin is still laid up in the hospital after his bad motorcycle accident last week. To help keep his spirits up, Ben Duffy put together this edit of some old Mike Franklin footage with Mike relaying the story of the first time he randomly met Peter Smolik in an airport. Mike’s words are transcribed beneath the video if the audio is too hard to figure out.

Skating by Mike Franklin, Timmy Knuth, Peter Smolik
Video by  Ben Duffy

presented by transworld.tv

Ah shit, alright, here it is. I was probably like 12 years old, and it was kind of like right when I started skating. I had a board for like a year and I was just learning my first tricks and shit. I was flying out of LAX to go to Boston, cause I was going to visit some family out there and I was bringing my board. I was like f—k it, Im going to go skate a different city for the first time. I get to LAX, and I have my board with me and Im walking through the airport, and some dude hits me up and he’s like, whats up? You skate? I’m like, yeah a little bit, I just got this board like 6 months ago, I’m trying to learn how to skate. He said hell yeah. I believe it was a TransWorld I was reading, and I had that with me, just checking out the photos and stuff. And this dude was like, yo come over here real quick. And I’m like, alright. So I walked over to him, and he was like, hold on, give me your magazine. I was like, f—k, alright, here you go. He flips towards the back of the magazine, and shows me an ad, and it’s a Peter Smolik Black Panther ad. I seen the ad, and he’s like yo this is me right here. I was like hell yeah, cool. I didn’t really say anything, I don’t know, I didn’t really know who Peter Smolik was at the time, I was only 12 years old. And the dude just grabs the pen out of his backpack and signs my magazine, and hands it back to me and I’m like, oh shit. I was kind of weirded out but I was like dam this is sick! And I remember rolling back to where my parents were sitting, and I opened the magazine and actually looked at it, and I was like, holy shit, that’s the same f—kin’ dude. This dude just signed my magazine. That’s Peter Smolik! Hell yeah. And then a few years later, I saw Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream, and watched his part, and I was like holy shit I met this dude in the airport when I was 12 years old! That was the first time I met Peter Smolik, he just straight grabbed the magazine out of my hand, signed the ad without me even asking, and just handed it back to me, and it was the sickest shit ever.