Wild In The City Art Show

Wild In The City Art ShowNYC sure has been busy lately. Last Friday night, the same night as Mike O’Meally‘s show, there was a Wild In The City show across town that documented the 2008 Go Skateboarding Day/Wild In The Streets from a week prior in New York. Steve Rodriguez from 5boro and Joy Keh promoted and curated the show which featured photos from Joy, Allen Ying, Patrick O’Dell, Mikendo, Mark Waters, Phil Knott, and a video by Jay Maldonado. It was a hot muggy New York night but a tub of Buds and Red Bulls help keep things cool. Ben Gilley is still in town and had his Harley Davidson Fat Boy parked in the middle of the gallery. After this show and the O’Meally show, the skaters headed out into the night with a head full of inspiration.

Joy Keh also made a slideshow you can see here.

Peep the photos to the left!