Emerica x DMODW x BA. KU.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 30, 2008
Emerica x DMODW x BA. KU.
Los Angeles, CA – Hailing from the northern woods of Canada, Deer Man of Dark Woods is a longtime friend of Emerica and a devoted disciple of barrier skateboarding. A blood member of the Barrier Kult, DMODW and The BA. KU are devoted to the skateboarding destruction of natural street barriers and the anti-conformist ideology it inherently represents in its sole dedication. DMODW and the BA. KU. Are 100% pure skateboarding.

During a visit to Emerica headquarters, Deer Man of Dark Woods and Emerica embarked on a special collaborative effort to develop a limited-edition version of a favorite Emerica shoe with the BA. KU. to exact his specialized craft. The Emerica Francis Barrier Kult is the result.